Nicolò Lewanski

Nicolò Lewanski

New York, NY, US


Bologna Opera House

The existing building appears fragmented and stratified under the influence of the different interventions, and therefore needs a new architectural identity. Similarly to Selinus project, dialogue to existing shapes of ancient building pre existance is achieved through the simplest forms, to perceive discreteness and a dialogue based on constraposition and sincerity. In any case, the new systems which finds a new function answering to the question, how can the theatre be in the 21st century, allows the old system to perform its traditional function anyway, even in a more rational way. By registring you’ll get a card, that you’ll swipe when you want to be a barman or whatever else; if your service is good you’ll receive a positive feedback which the system will translate into money. Small cubes are all over the space, useful as chairs or to build up flexible scenographyes. Since the center of all the project is the human being that simply puts on a show by being it, also the architectural space had to be thought in function of the man: the space of the show is organized in a regular grid of 50 cm, which enables for anybody to change the space of the functional cube by using the small 50cm cubes and therefore the light of it, since every functional cube is fit near a big window of the facade. In this way, the space of this theatre canges second by second in function of its users, which are also its show. What four images in a stage show, is a play put on by two passersby, and in particular Piramo and Tisbe form Ovidio’s Metamorphosis: the play is a very classical one, to show how this system can easily be adapted to any kind of theatre, not only contemporary, and product any kind of result without any previous rehersal or organization of theatre exhibition. Simply get into the theatre, see what’s on, grab a drink, and if you feel like become a barman and get paid for it, share your opinions with anybody, do you best coffee, put on a play. Easy and clear, this is what this system is all about

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Bologna, IT
My Role: only designer