Nicolò Lewanski

Nicolò Lewanski

New York, NY, US


Manhattan Domestic Landscape

 The condition of living in Manhattan established today is such, among many others, that the city is everybody’s kitchen and living room in the form of restaurants and cafés, as long as of course you have the money to pay for it.
Instead of challenging this condition, the project aims at taking it as a starting point to re-functionalize the private space of a kitchen and living room in a typical real estate property for the upper middle class.
The dominant architectural theme is the one in which the second section of The New Domestic Landscape exhibition is interested: that of the specific, here applied in a few areas, and the generic, experienced everywhere else.
A grid of thin pillars constitutes the support for the net; the continuation of some of these to the ceiling strenghthen the structure, articulates paths, and creates a forest space, whereas erasing a certain amount of pillars creates deformations in the net that make more comfortable to sit or lay down. On top of the net, a series of tables, a sink and a barbecue/oven and storage articulate the functional needs of the kitchen itself.
The lower plan shows the distribution of food plants and flowers  in relation to light conditions and the deformation of the net. The kitchen thus created substitutes a part of the act of shopping with the one of grasping, working as an integrated system.  This does not assume a functional value though, but only an aesthetical one, where time is the most important factor. All the processes are slow (growing-barbecue-oven). And by being slow, they create a different type of value.
The section is not stable: it lives thanks to the deformation of the net and the change of the plants that follow the seasons.
Systems take care of irrigation, leaving  only the pleasure of grasping through the net vegetables, herbs and spices but in a considerate way, as the net module of 5 cm (although elastic) does not allow massive gestures.
An L.E.D system illuminates plants at night as well, to compensate the unbalanced solar contribution of the day.
The central space guarantees the passage and influences the usage of the whole space thanks to three modules movable in height that can help the development of different kinds of events.
The system thus developed pursues sensorial expansion through touch, smell, taste and view, to foster a different value of cooking in Manhattan as a sporadic act that can put your sensitiveness in contact with the whole.

The project begins with a wide phase of research regarding a table, a kitchen, a logistic and a process.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: only designer