Nicolò Lewanski

Nicolò Lewanski

New York, NY, US


Klaksvik Stripe

Klaksvik city decided to give the architects the chance to experiment alternatives for the future of this city within the influence of Faer Oer Islands. We decided to take this challenge and bring it all the way through, investigating opportunities that started in the main area of the project, in the centre of the city, passing through its boundaries in the water, and in the housing part, until reaching the mountains where the steepness and the visual were completely different and provided different opportunities. Basically, all the focal points of the city, and also the project area, were laying on an imaginary stripe of 1 km per 100 meters wide. This was our site area, where to build a single storey building to locate the program, who could follow the landscape,  and has libraries and culture on one side of the mountain, bars and nightclubs on the other, and city hall into the middle; on top of that, camping and sking on the mountain building, public swimming pools and hot tubs in the middle, fishing thanks to lower waters on one side of the centre, and a sailing museum on the other, which creates a particular atmosphere because it is a place from which you can actually see the water on top of you. We believed that all these urban situations could make life in Klaksvik easier and much more fun, considering that this is also a way to pursue a clear identity, and claim for Klaksvik the role of the second city of Far Oer Islands. Unluckily the jury did not have the same advice, and decided to give the prizes to more plain and conservative ideas; though, looking it from top view, I still think the image that stands is pretty powerful yet its functions are useful.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Klaksvík, FO
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: with Federica Russo, Diana Cristobal, Gonzalo Lopez