Federico Diacci

Federico Diacci

Carpi, IT


restructuration project of Donatello square

The restructuration project of Donatello square in Florence has been studied for the course
‘restoration of the gardens’ during the second year of the Faculty of landscape architecture.
A 15 peoples team, including myself, after a period of careful survey ,architectural characters
a and green state, has made assumptions about to restructure the square, compared
with the actual feasibility of the work, the cost, but also the historic character and the most
important significance that the square has for the city of Florence.
About the green were made on the distrubution analysis of tree species and subsequently on
their phytopathological state to go to detect the specimens to be replaced and in some cases
find guidelines for a redesign of the system of green.
The final result, who included the tender and the metric, has been presented at the Municipality
of Florence.

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Status: School Project
Location: Florence, IT
My Role: group leader