Federico Diacci

Federico Diacci

Carpi, IT


Tirrenic highway

The tables in this sections are the result of a project
concerning the inclusion of the thirrenic highway in
the tract from Albinia to Orbetello.
The ultimate goal of the project, as well as to predict
the feasibility of the highway, had to take into
account the landscape impact that this work would
have on the area.
The work started with the study of the European
Landscape Convention principles and their effective
enforcement in this area. We studied the various
relationships that generate those particular types
of landscape in order to assess the feasibility of a
highway corridor.
During the analysis phase were studied habitat, scenic
character of the landscape, the historical ones,
and after they were compared with the constraints
and ministerial papers hazard (hydraulic, soil, etc.).
The result of this analysis has been compared with
the paper of intervisibility (reported in this section)
and the final output was a paper of the classified
area in a scale of greys who indicated that the
greater or the lesser suitability to host the infrastructure

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Status: School Project
Location: Orbetello, IT
My Role: group leader