Federico Diacci

Federico Diacci

Carpi, IT


Lama park

My final thesis involved the creation of an agricultural
park, and partly an urban park, in a
periurban agricultural center near the town of
Carpi in Emilia Romagna.
the city’s origins come from the great work of
Roman centuriation. After a depth study I found
interesting connections between the project and
the area, that was reorganized following the old
Centuriazio work with thistles and decumani, and
avenues differetiated in primary and secondary.
I didn’t give only a new territory design, but also
a really feasible hypothesis of development and
use of the area. This hypothesis would give to local
landowners attractive benefits by reducing the
supply chain of agricultural products and taking
advantage of direct sale.
Moreover the landscape value that this area
would consistently improve. The colors of the
fields and smells typical of this rural area would
see a real boost that would help to strengthen
the awareness and respect of traditional food
and agriculture . Project’s final goal is indeed finalized
to make people rediscover the historical
rurals character of these lands.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Carpi, IT
My Role: designer