Jarryd Knight

Jarryd Knight

Cape Town, ZA


A Cape Malay Culinary Academy for Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.

Situated on a site of National and Local heritage, the Strand Street Quarry, as well as falling in the heritage area of the Bo-kaap. The project looks to unlock a piece of urban wasteland by creating a realm of space arranged according to a traditional Islamic city. The new arrangement of activities seeks to create connections on a Macro as well as Micro scale. Creating and activated realm of public space where there was once nothing.
Offering something meaningful to both the Islamic community of the Bo-Kaap, as well as visitors to the area, creating an interface of interaction using food as the common denominator with the backdrop of heritage constantly present.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bo-Kaap, Cape town
My Role: designer, technical resolution and presentation of project