Jarryd Knight

Jarryd Knight

Cape Town, ZA



My name is Jarryd Knight and have recently completed my masters in architecture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (UPE).
I am extremely passionate about the built environment and excited to take the next step in my process of becoming a practising architect.
I’m a firm believer in working within the means of a client however doing one’s best job to create something even greater than the clients expectations. Something which both the client will be extremely happy with and something myself and my peers can be proud to be apart of. A building which considers more than just being a captivating object, but rather enhancing both the spaces it creates as well as the environment in which it sits.

I am eager to find employment or an internship, so as to keep learning and developing my skills as an architect.



Nelson Mandela Metropole University, Port Elizabeth, ZA, MArch, Architecture

I have obtained both a Bas (bachelor's of architecture) as well as completed my Masters of Architecture (M-arch professional) degrees at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University all done within the 5 years of recomended study period. The courses have given me both an exceptional design as well as practical technical sense when dealing with the built environment be individual designs up to group-work urban scaled project.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2012

Rondebosch Boys High School, Cape Town, ZA, High School, High School

I obtained my high school matric at Rondebosch receiving am overall A-aggregate for my final year.

Jan 2003 - Nov 2007

Areas of Specialization