Michael Lindner

Michael Lindner

Alexandria, VA, US


Philadelphia Museum of Unnatural History

This project was for a comprehensive design studio in which our project was loosely defined as a repository. The program of the building was left up to the designers but was accompanied by a collection of parameters which needed to be followed. Playing off the idea of Philadelphia's natural history museum, this project was experimenting with a collection of awkward or over sized mythical creatures in the form of wax figures. An understanding of the properties of wax figures, ideal viewing and lighting conditions, temperatures and light exposure they can endure, a process of their construction and an understanding of the storage necessities that these figures would require all became pertinent in understanding the development of this project. Due to the variety of figures and their respective scale, it made sense that rather than create high ceilings to conveniently house the select group of figured that required it, let the larger ones shatter through the floor plan. This emphasized their size and stature while working with an interior/exterior slatted skin system that operates secondly as a reference of scale.

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Status: School Project
Location: Market Street, Philadelphia, PA