George Kontaroudis

George Kontaroudis

New York, NY, US


The Piraeus Tower Competition

The Piraeus Tower is both a landmark in the city of Piraeus and one of the tallest buildings in all of Greece.

This architectural proposal was developed with the aim of creating a building that is successful not just in terms of form and aesthetics but also as a contemporary example of bioclimatic technology. Thus, the main feature of the design proposal was the exposed glass ventilation shafts on the east and south façade, a shading device on the west and an air shaft/external staircase on the north façade.

The building is composed of commercial spaces on the first 3 floors, a café with a large outdoor terrace on the 3rd floor, offices on floors 4 through 19; a restaurant on the 21st and 22nd floors and mechanical facilities on the 23rd (top) floor.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Piraeus, GR
My Role: Design Architect