Thom Boessel

Thom Boessel

Boston, MA, US


BCN Sustainable Transport Facility

Architecture is a reflection of culture, and sustainable architecture is a reflection of a sustainable culture. From the beginning our team has discussed the importance of aiming to achieve not only and sustainable transportation center within a unique city but to create a unique urban experience within an urban setting. Inclusion is our approach to sustainability. We sought to bring together members of the city around a sustainable hub, were they can experience the future potential of the electric plug-in city-cars and interact within spaces adjacent to a headquarter for research in green technologies.
Barcelona is a 24 hour city, and within it we wanted to create a beacon, that shines light on the possibilities of tomorrow. It will be a haven for everyone living in Barcelona, not to mention sustainable drivers, officers-workers and researchers. We provide for the neighborhood an elevated public park with a cafe. People here can enjoy what the public spaces has to offer as well as contemplated about the development of the eco-friendly technologies of today and tomorrow.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Boston, MA