Pablo Kohan

Pablo Kohan

New York, NY, US


Ports 1961

A grand sweeping circular stair in a generous double-height
space is the first design move we introduced. Spaces on the first
and second floors unfold around the sweeping movement of
the stairs, designed in a solid sand-colored steel set against a
golden backdrop in venetian ribbed patterned plaster installed
by Signature Murale, Paris.
The ground floor has delicate 3D wall patterns in venetian
plaster, forming large bands which frame the Ports Collection
in a subtle way. The many recessed niches combine glass
surfaces with mirror backing with real mirrors, which allows Ports
products to “float” in space.


For the Paris store a series of elements were custom-designed
by Archi-Tectonics. We developed and designed polished
stainless steel bottom-lit hanging racks with intricate angles. The
same racks one finds in the VIP room on the second floor, this
time suspended and backlit from the ceiling. Integrated gold
shimmering padded benches are flanking the bay windows,
these are repeated in the generous VIP dressing room.

The space is subtly lit by lighting designer Herve Descottes
from L’Observatoire. Indirect led lighting is used to enhance the
space’s fluid geometry, with light coves concealed in the floor
and above the pearly ceiling surface, thus creating a contrasting
glow on the clothing and adjacent surfaces. The final effect is a
rich, integrated environment that delivers maximum dramatic
impact to a fluidly integrated space.

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Status: Built
Location: 251 Rue Saint Honore, Paris, France
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: Archi-Tectonics