Pablo Kohan

Pablo Kohan

New York, NY, US


Modular Wall System - Digital Fabrication

The studio began by looking at Frank Lloyd Wright’s block houses
as early modernist attempts at adding detail to the facade of
a house at a low cost. Instead of using ugly concrete block as a
unit of construction, Wright chose to design his own cast panels.
This way he was able to fabricate a large number of identical,
intricate pieces at a low cost. The goal of this studio was to design
a modular system that used the least number of different
components to generate the highest amount of variability and
intricacy. To achieve this we designed four molds, three plaster
press molds for porcelain outer shell pieces, and a rubber mold
to cast the plastic interior structural pieces.

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Status: Built
Location: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Dave Ettinger, Johnny Lin