Pablo Kohan

Pablo Kohan

New York, NY, US


Green Gates for Rishon Lezion

Our main concept, the green gates, serves to accentuate our main goal,
how to
create an unique identity for Rishon, a Destination city.
We follow three simple strategies:
- The existing Dune landscapes and berms created by the lowered highway
and train have been strengthened by a green “ blanket” creating a green
park as the center and terminal point for Rishon. This green park with its elevated
berms create green gates rising up to notify the entrance of the city.
- The existing infra-structures ( highways, train, viaducts), have been added
to, elevated bike, skate and walking paths and tram station, now re-connect
all four sectors of Rishon in one intertwined city as a hyperactive terminal.
The paths create a more leisure oriented infrastructure which has shading,
is adjacent but seperate from car traffic, and activates the green park.
-The green berms are not just extensions of the green berms and earth
moves, but contain and cover a whole new level of services; the addition
of variegated services elevates Rishon to a city of the 21 st century, with
a saturation of sports, green markets, covered parking, cinemas, icerink
and shopping, a destination city. The berm surfaces thus transform from
stormwater retention green scapes to patterns of skylights and sun shading
surfaces, thus filtering and softening the climate.
-An extremely high tower is the marker of arrival, which sits on a eco strip
landscape, providing gardens, kindergardens, stormwater management
and an integration of the existing dune landscapes.
-The tower itself has a mix of functions allowing for residences, workspaces
and retail to mix and adjust to market pressures. Its loft like spaces adaptable
to any function.
-As it is directly connected to train station and parking, this becomes the
new business attractor for the city, a new ambition and identity.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rishon Lezion, Israel
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Archi-Tectonics