Pablo Kohan

Pablo Kohan

New York, NY, US


Miami Casino

Redevelop the port of Miami to accomodate for several casino
developments, then design one site.
By studying the primary components of the Las Vegas strip -
endless interiority, miniature urbanism, and artificiality of the
environment, we find interesting conditions to explore and
exploit. In this case we were interested in the false horizon and
artificial sky present in many casinos.
Our site strategy was to carve an artificial everglades into the
manmade port of Miami island. From there we chose a site to
deploy our casino complex, which is comprised of a network
of vaulted forms which keep the visitor within the deep casino
plan while simulating the outside.

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Status: School Project
Location: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Lisa Kenyon, Emily Bernstein