Byron Knowlson

Byron Knowlson

Richmond, VA, US


Spiral Stair

Fifteen years ago a group of students at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center began the task of constructing a spiral stair joining the two floors of the student library. They were able to complete the wood stair treads all the way to the second floor, but left the stair un-supported and without any form of guard rail or handrail. Over the course of two semesters, myself and two other students, set out to resurrect the stair, and complete its originally intent.

We began by attaching the top landing to the beams of the second floor with a custom designed and built steel angle. Metal struts, functioning as turnbuckles, were built and installed to stabilize the stair.
A handrail was installed at the top landing as well.


All metal work was done by myself and the other students in our metal shop at the school.

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Status: Built
Location: Alexandria, VA, US