Roberta Loda

Roberta Loda

Brescia, IT


Venice Lagoon Park - Italy

Venice Lagoon Park: future landscapes
Design landscape to define aesthetic identity of the Venice lagoon.
Lagoon is a breakable system because of interaction between water and ground.
The effect is an environmental damage, the worrying is the sediment’s erosion.
The project is a North lagoon Park as land protection and economic resource.
Sustainable tourism development should have a different impact compared with a
“postcard tourism”. The purpose is promote an environmentally-aware tourism
supporting lagoon ecosystem culture’s diffusion.
“Venice Lagoon Park” as Park system try to visualize future landscapes. The project
research hypothetical relations (link, recycle, preserve, disclose, amplify, graft) which
should resolve Lagoon’s critical situations, trying to give a new meaning to the
Lagoon and to found new sustainable ways to live in Lagoon.

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Status: School Project
Location: Venice, IT