Roberta Loda

Roberta Loda

Brescia, IT


House in Brasil, Gostoso - Brasil

The house is located in tropics, on the beach about 200 meters from the Rio
Grande Do Norte.
The building consists of a single rectangular block 17 x8.6 mt, placed
perpendicularly to the river.
The big pitched roof covers different living spaces of the house, which are
distributed wisely, according to the natural height difference.
The entrance of the house faces West. There are a dining-room with a
spacious veranda and the kitchen. The sleeping zone is located on a lower
level; the bedrooms are in a three different blocks linked to a patio.
The roof and pillars are wooden, while the blocks of rooms are in brickwork
The house is totally integrated into nature, almost becoming a part of it.

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Status: Built
Location: Brasile