Roberta Loda

Roberta Loda

Brescia, IT


Hotel Ramada Plaza, Milan - Italy

The concept of this project is a business hotel in the center of Milan, very
comfortable with relaxing atmosphere.
The ground floor plan of the hotel consists of the hall, two restaurants and fitness
area. Over this platform grow up five small towers, of different height, in which are
located the rooms and the apartments.
The design of this hotel, takes its’ inspiration fromthe ‘70s, adding a touch ofmodern
style and freshness.
Special color schemes, soft fabrics, parquet floor, and comfortable beds are just a
few details of the rooms; all the rooms have spacious and naturally illuminated
Though the hotel is located in a big city, like Milan, it has a garden with variousflowers
and plants, allowing guests to relax in a natural atmosphere anytime.
The external facades are covered by glossy black tiles, contrasting with white plaster,
like black and white photo.

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Status: Built