Roberta Loda

Roberta Loda

Brescia, IT


Interior design, Verona - Italy

130 square metres on the 1st floor, in a small village Sommacampagna, located
close to Verona, Italy.
A house inspired by supreme minimalism: clean lines, no frills, and nothing modern
that can goout of fashion with the pass of time.
Creation of a large open space, uniting together the lounge, the kitchen and
dining-room with fireplace, underlines the desire to “live united”, the need to share
the living space and do everyday activities together.
The fireplace in the living room is the heart of the house. Every single piece of
furniture in this flat, is chosen with careful attention, only Italian design is present.
Outside there is a big terrace, attached to the flat, which provides the enjoyable view
to a picturesque countryside.

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Status: Built
Location: Verona,IT