Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Brookings, SD, US


Articulated Seating


Articulated Seating  |  2014  Patent Pending

presence creates form

An evolution of my graduate school work, segmented seat sections conform to multiple seating positions changing the form of the bench depending on use. 

 Historically, architecture and its form references the body through abstract geometrical relationships that provide primarily visual cues. In Architecture, the body moves through the static accumulation of visual cues but rarely interacts with the form physically. Current tools of design allow for manipulation of malleable representations of form that are usually realized as static physical objects. My interest is in how digital tools along with analog methods can produce built work that reacts to the environment in ways that resemble the manipulation of digital forms in in digital space. Working through iterations at full scale, the majority of my work has focused on the act of sitting, blurring the boundaries between architecture and furniture in order to dissolve the abstract relationship between architectural form and the body into one of a more direct experiential correlation, questioning architecture as static object and proposing an architecture where form is the direct result of the act of use.

Installed as part of the Preserve Iowa Summit Parklet Competion, Winterset, Iowa in collaboration with Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects and Neumann Brothers Inc.

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Status: Built
My Role: Designer and Fabricator
Additional Credits: Photos- Brian Lee and Andy Lorentzen
Video- Brian Lee