Rafael Pérez Pla

Rafael Pérez Pla

Cartagena, ES


Gaya Fores stand 2011, Cevisama

Gaya Fores stand in the international Fair of Cevisama'11. Design and installation coordination.

Bipolar Estudio + Juanma Gavara (graphic Designer)


The project tried to coordinate the exhibit material by means of a conductive thread that made possible its comprehension and facilitated its sale.

In this occasion the ceramic product was varied and disparate so we thought about creating different scenes with a common link, as if we were shooting a film. Then, Why not to be based on a classic movie that everyone could recognize? A street, a cafeteria, Paris, Casablanca (Morocco)... Play it Sam!

The zone of Morocco was assigned to the materials with stony inspiration, slates and quartzite; reserving a place for the "colors "series that would be placed simulating the dynamism of a market. The series of wood ware placed in the zone of cafeteria creating a more comfortable environment. Marble Series were settled in Paris scenes, leaving "rapolanos" to set a zone which evokes the train station. Every scene was connected with a great street paved with the series "transit".

In addition different kinds of figures were designed in every environment, including two types of lamps: one for Casablanca and other one for Paris. This technique helped us in the setting of the scene beyond the vertical plane.

Definitively, a simple setting was obtained in which ceramic material was clear protagonist of every scene.

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Status: Built
Location: Valencia, ES