Rafael Pérez Pla

Rafael Pérez Pla

Cartagena, ES


Alttoglass Stand 2012, Cevisama.

Alttoglass stand in the international Fair of Cevisama'12. Design and installation coordination.

Bipolar Estudio + Juanma Gavara (graphic Designer)

Nowadays ambitions and design challenges are limited by the financial investment.

This leads us to make designs where the point is in the content instead of in the mainland. No longer looking for a spectaculars designs based in impossible shapes. The challenge now is to create a volume that favors the movement of visitors and the largest area of exposure. All with a competitive cost.

In this proposal for Alttglass / Salquisa we have designed exhibition walls that attached to each other and placed strategically, are able to control the flow of people creating informal meeting areas supported with stools and coffee tables; formal meeting areas equipped with tables and chairs, and free áreas to see the company product.

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Status: Built
Location: Valencia, ES