Rafael Pérez Pla

Rafael Pérez Pla

Cartagena, ES


Alttoglass stand 2011, Cevisama.

Alttoglass stand in the international Fair of Cevisama'12. Design and installation coordination.

Bipolar Estudio + Juanma Gavara (graphic Designer)


Who said tile-mosaic was only used to re-dress swimming pools?

On "Tile Boutique" we experiment with the versatility of the product exposing it as if it was a boutique. A set of clothing articles are designed and exposed through the different environments and evoke a shop window.

Concerning spatially, three tapes-curls divide the stand into zones generating different areas due to its openings and proportions:

Welcome area, with a higher ceiling provides a more permeable and accessible space, suitable to meet potential clients.

Informal meeting zone, conceived as a dynamic shop window. By means of flexible furniture the area can be adapted to the commercial requirements of every moment.

Meeting room, whose restricted height and controlled access, create an atmosphere of work favorable for VIP meetings.

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Status: Built
Location: Valencia, ES