Rafael Pérez Pla

Rafael Pérez Pla

Cartagena, ES


+ e (2010)

There are many possible ways to work on the territory, but it seems that the most appropriate in this case was a global territorial actuation to be proposed in anywhere with similar characteristics.

This Intervention could have been proposed as a continuation of either of the two nearby towns: Alboraya or Tavernes Blanques, but the problem of integration of the orchard would still be present and we would reduce and / or encapsulate the orchard for future operations.

Taking as an start point the delicacy with the environment in wich is integrated the city of Baucis described by Marco Polo to Kublai Khan in the book "Invisible Cities" (Italo Calvino 1972), our proposal seeks to provide a possible solution to the problem of cohabitation city-orchard and work with the variables: respect and proper utilization of the environment, ventilation, lighting, scale, distribution of flows ... In order to give new value to life in the orchard and make it compatible with today's society.

It is not just a Housing project, It is something more,that is the reason we have chosen the name of + e:

+ space: By giving the city a new space of relationship and to the orchard n of a new use.

+ choice: We design a housing system that vary according to the needs of its occupants. Fixed + Variable Housing.

+ Efficiency: Because the intervention actually serves to what is intended and it work on their variables.

+ ecology: By creating a system that is self-sufficient by controlling the in-puts and outputs.


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Status: Built
Location: Valencia, ES