Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Sofia, BG


Office building – Logistic center

The project presents an idea for a logistic center situated near Bourgas airport. There will be a warehouse area and an area with office building.

It is envisaged that in the future the plot should accommodate a number of activities, buildings and facilities, which will host companies related to the industrial development of the Bourgas municipality.
It is expected that the Logistic Center will become:
1. place interesting for those who have visited similar centers because of its architecture and content.
2. meeting place for various sectors.

The architecture of the Logistic Center should support and assert the above mentioned activities, and first of all it should be a reflection of its content and a landmark, with unique architectural qualities and smart technological installations and sustainable principles.
The structural construction system of the building s will allow as much flexibility as possible for future changes of the spaces. The sizes and shapes of the rooms will support the functions of the rooms.
The vision should be aggressive, but and fascinating, to challenge and predisposes the future clients

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bourgas, BG