Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Sofia, BG


Metro STATION_20

The project treats the two main zones – the pedestrian zone for movement between the future buildings (over the heat pipeline layout) and the subway station zone.
The project for SUBWAY STATION 20 lays on the conception that nowadays architecture is concerned not only with functionality, but also with creating spaces, shapes and volumes which provoke humans’ senses and are remembered by their simplicity and suddenness.
The project proposes that the PEDESTRIAN ZONE is built over the heat pipeline layout /the pipes are in a manifold and dug into the ground /. It also stipulates the use of two basic elements – white metal frames with the same dimensions, but different height and colored square tiles 1.5x1.5 meters in size which will be used to cover the ground on the whole pedestrian zone. The frames can rotate and can be placed in various positions thus allowing the urban picture to change. The space where the aforementioned frames are placed will be used as a stage allowing various modern-day artists to express themselves by intervening with the space. For example – mirrors can be placed within the frames that will reflect nearby buildings thus creating unusual visual effects, artists can work with lasers or multimedia projections. The divided pedestrian zone will be developed based on the principle of pixilation using different warm colored tiles. Modular green areas, benches and light fixtures will be placed on a seemingly random basis. They allow the free movement of pedestrians within the whole zone – between the buildings or to the subway station. That way the zone is developed in a simple and memorable way that allows transformations and is perceived in a different way when seen from the different floors of the nearby buildings and from pedestrian level.
THE SUBWAY STATION is designed using two main ideas – on one hand, to allow sunlight to reach the level of the platform, and, on the other hand, to utilize a simple color scheme that creates surprising visual perspectives. In order to allow sunlight to reach the platform level, glass volumes are built on a level of +1.50m above street level. The additional “sunshine” feeling is strengthened by the choice of the yellow color which is the primary color used for the interior of the station and is combined with both the white color of the metal surfaces and the grey color of the visible concrete.
The main subway station pedestrian entrances from street level /elevation 0.00/ are to the north and south – in the direction of the two boulevards. Two massive approaches are provided to the ticket-office level /-4.15m/ and from there to the platform level /-9.65m/. The minimum width requirements for stairs and escalators have been met. The project decision leads the whole people-stream on elevation -9.65m to a point where the stairs and escalators are located. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the travelers, an emergency staircase from elevation -9.65m to elevation -4.15m is provided. The administration offices are organized on elevation level  -4.15m. They are located around and behind the ticket-offices in order to have more open space and ensure the penetration of sunlight. The location and dimensions of all passes and connections, including heights and widths of the stairs, meet the requirements set by Regulation N4 for accessible environment. Elevators provide handicapped individuals with access to all levels.
Decision of the interior design is graphic with the emphasis being put on linearity. The project features two main lines – one coming down the stairs and reaching the platform, and the other showing the safety zone on the platform itself. The white metal boxes of the light fixtures form long lines. Benches are planes with linear character as well. The ceiling is colored yellow, marking the main traffic direction – the direction of the subway. The linearity of the columns and their verticality is emphasized by their white shiny lining. The interior design decision “dictionary” is rather short. The materials used are transparent glass with inox-colored metal profiles for the glass volumes, visible concrete for the planes of the floor and the walls, coated rubber for the lines on the ground, white metal lining for the vertical elements – columns and elevators, white metal boxes for the light fixtures.
The project allows for the use of materials that will make the project energy efficiency as well. PV plates which can oscillate electric energy can be used for the pedestrian zone floor thus decreasing the subway station’s costs for cooling, heating and lighting. The same principle can be applied for some of the glass surfaces in the project.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Sofia, BG