Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Hristiyan Aleksandrov

Sofia, BG


Centre for promotion of science

The project task is for a complete solution for Block 39 - Novi Beograd. The project presents a conceptual solution for the urban design. In the future Block 39 should accommodate a number of scientific institutes, faculties and office buildings which will host companies related to scientific research. Detailed work is done for the Center for Promotion of Science - a place for future development of science and technology through interactive activities, experiments, lectures and seminars. The aim is to support a future-oriented approach towards science and technology and to overcome prejudices against difficult topics, spark curiosity in scientific contexts and the delight in innovation. This will inspire dialogue on these issues and encourage young people in their choice of career. The architectural design of the center support and follow the above directions with unique architectural qualities and intelligent systems technology and sustainable principles.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Belgrade, Serbia