Sarah Holnbeck

Sarah Holnbeck

Los Angeles, CA, US


Montana Regional Freight and Passenger Line

Design Methods: 3D BIM model in Revit, rendered in Revit, edited in photoshop.  Details called out from Revit BIM model, edited in Autocad and Adobe Illustrator.


Aerotropolis or bust?
“It remains to be seen where and in what form the
aerotropolis will be realized.”

-John D. Kasadra and Greg Lindsay
Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next”


The thesis of the capstone studio was to approach the subject of “Aerotropolis” by specifically addressing an issue that serves the demographic of the local area.  By addressing export in a way that is sensitive to the Gallatin Valley and greater Montana, rail transportation of both products and people is made possible.  A program has been built to enhance the performance and the experience of export that takes place in Montana.  A structure that blends with the surrounding landscape celebrates the elegance of organic elements and complexity that exists within a simple system.

The parameters for the development of this system are modular components of 60’ bays and 45 degree primary and tertiary members.  The diagonal struts are 1’ x 1’ members as well as the primary beams within the roof system roof system.  The struts meet the column at varying heights while meeting the roof at varying layers of the roof.  Consequently, all members are the exact same size, but appear to be varied as they spread the load throughout the height of the central octagonal column, where all eight sides are 1’ in width to allow for the secondary 1’ x 1’ secondary adjacent columns.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Belgrade, MT, US