Sarah Holnbeck

Sarah Holnbeck

Los Angeles, CA, US


Gismondi Model Pavillion: “Threshold to Enlightenment

Design Methods: prisma color on vellum, hand graphics

While studying in Rome, Italy, a design problem was proposed to house a scale model of the city on a vacant site across from the Colosseum. The design solution was reduced to a minimalist approach, with small details within the experience.  A sense of threshold was created through a signified entry space containing a sculpture by Nogucci, an outdoor reception area, and a large stairway to the model overlooking the Colosseum.  Elements of the composition are tied together with a connecting datum between the north and south entry stairs on the site.  The datum is articulated as a water feature running alongside the building, and   along finger  gardens inhabiting the landscape.  

The challenging aspect of the project was to successfully respond to the historical context of Rome in a contemporary fashion. The experience intends to create a space to enlighten visitors as they view a model dedicated Rome.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, Italy