Sarah Holnbeck

Sarah Holnbeck

Los Angeles, CA, US


Low Cost Sustainable Living

Design methods:  model: Auto Cad, 3D Rhinoceros and CNC Milling.
Drawings: Revit 3D modeling & rendering, graphic overlay by hand on vellum.

In an effort to create density out of suburbia, and to stitch the language of downtown San Diego with the residential sprawl of East Village, a mid rise condominium offering one, two, and three-bedroom units is proposed to accommodate a multitude of demographics.  Coupled with a neighboring SRO, the condo’s utilize a series of gentle transitions from public, semi-public, to private spaces.  Uplifting spaces are experienced by virtue of naturally ventilated units, floor-to-ceiling windows in living areas, staggered balconies that maximize light, communal gardens, communal amenities throughout. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: San Diego, CA, US