Sarah Holnbeck

Sarah Holnbeck

Los Angeles, CA, US


Digital Fabrication and Parametrics

Graduate Design Studio with Live Architecture Network (two week charette)

Design Methods: 3D Rhinocerous, CNC Mill, Adobe Creative Suite 5

The objective of the two-week long digital fabrication charette was to connect the city with the waterfront, making it more effective for the America’s Cup Event in San Francisco in 2013. Data was collected from the streets based on their interaction with the Embarcadero were evaluated both through experimental qualities and tangible facts. A system was then developed where the significant streets and city blocks can extend out into the water for viewing the America’s Cup. The walkways provide elevated and framed views of the race, and offer a more interesting quality to the site of the America’s Cup and San Francisco’s waterfront.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US