Shuang JIANG

Shuang JIANG

Saint Louis, MO, US


The negative consumption of energy, City Capacitor.

Reversible Energy:
The negative consumption of energy, City Capacitor.

Concept Design
Competition: Spring 2010
Gold Prize of the International Workshop “Urban Academy-Creative Industry and Urban Sustainability”
Tutor: LI Xiangning
Site: Shanghai, China.

As a group, we designers do not satisfy on a simple isolated creature or a straightforward style of space, but an idea of sustainable incentive mechanism. It is a system that allows users to log in and out via personal identifications when the city capacitor succeeds in building a net covering those creative industrial units. In the process of both energy collection and consumption, energy credits could also be accumulated by different users though their own identifications so that a sustain incentive mechanism is formed. Furthermore, an extending range of ways to take environmental-protected transportation will be realized and advocated for the sake of the credit net system mentioned above.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN