Shuang JIANG

Shuang JIANG

Saint Louis, MO, US


Reversible Clock: The latent function of the clock.

Reversible Clock:
The latent function of the clock.

Contemporary Art and the Built Environment: Spring 2010 @ University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Tutor: Nora Wendl
Site: UNCC, U.S.

This course emphasizes on aesthetic practice and historical as well as theoretical discourse within Architecture and Arts. The project required all students to rethink about a daily product critically. I find the clock could be a very interesting issue to play with since time serves as a basic element in our daily life but seems to be so normal that no one will specifically notice. I removed all the digit components from the face of a clock bought from IKEA, meanwhile rearranged them in a sequence of counter-clockwise. The clock then was hanged on the wall with a mirror on the other side which intersects the first wall at a right angle. In this scenario, merely depending on looking at the clock itself, it is hard to know the real time. Only if through the mirror could people get the exact time as how they read a normal clock.

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Status: School Project