Shuang JIANG

Shuang JIANG

Saint Louis, MO, US


Da Lian Jiao Tong University Student Center Design

Da Lian Jiao Tong University Student Union Design
Studio Work: Spring 2008
Tutor: ZHANG Shanshan
Site: Da Lian Jiao Tong University Campus, Da Lian, Shan Dong Province, China.

All students in this studio are required to design a series of units, including student center, library, auditorium, and recreation areas. Commonly these programs are always arranged in separated spaces by Chinese designers. This was also the case for my classmates at the very beginning of their design process. However, I felt that designing is a chance for architects to express their inspiration and ideal living styles. In this way, it seems that all the public spaces in this project are more or less limited by the passive boarders. Conversely, the negative spaces might be the starting point and key issue in my design on the basis of my initial idea --- reversible spaces. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Dalian Shi, CN