Shuang JIANG

Shuang JIANG

Saint Louis, MO, US


Hinge: The negative landscape of the community.

The negative landscape of the community.

Practice: Autumn 2008
Tutor: LI XiangNing
Site: JIADING NEW CITY DONGYUN Street, Shanghai, China.

In China, the current development poses a great threat to the vitality of most communities. The living condition has been improved dramatically. However, the increasing number of communities that face challenges in redeveloping outdated infrastructure and revitalizing core neighborhoods. This project is an experimental exploration due to such social problem, which is trying to create, or at least initiate, a communicative interface between the building and the landscape, between the original residents and the new immigrants. It could be a tool that strives to connect the isolated public spaces and then revitalize them.

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Status: Built