Kimberly Newcomer

Kimberly Newcomer

Saint Louis, MO, US



PROJECT: As of 2009 the United States does not have a sustainable solution to public housing. Redevelopment through HOPE VI has begun to taper off as the program has come under fire.  This project seeks to evaluate and redefine public housing in St Louis, MO by questioning redevelopment methods currently in use. Analysis of sites are used to determine the greatest potential for redevelopment, instead of simply maintaining use of current housing authority land.


PROGRAM: Analysis of successful and disputed social housing projects are used to develop program and best practice in housing developments.  

APPROACH: Housing cannot exist in a vacuum.  Mixed use developments have proven more successful and sustainable for residents.  Inclusion of community spaces like a fitness center and community center allow for interaction and social cohesion to form in the community.  A small cafe or bookstore can both benefit and add to the growth already occurring along Manchester and in the Grove.  Demographics of this area dictate  unit mixes that include larger units for families similar to those established in the neighborhood already, down to units for singles or young couples drawn in by the proximity of the site to local amenities in the Central West End, Barnes Jewish  Hospital and the Metrolink station.  Location will also allow for mixed income housing, designating a percentage of units to public and subsidized rentals, leaving the rest open for market rate rental and ownership units to help continue to stabilize and grow the neighborhood.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US