Francisco García

Francisco García

New York, NY, US


Steven Alan Store

Steven Alan is a New York based clothing brand. After opening 15 stores in New York and California, the company has started a nationwide expansion.
For its store in Boston, it was a requirement from the client that the design should reflect the neighborhood atmosphere. The store is located in the Back Bay district, a high-end residential area full of boutiques and art galleries. The concept behind the design is the 19th century townhouses.
The store was one big room, with the location of the storage and fitting rooms, we divided the space in three areas: front sales floor for women, accessorize room in the middle and back sales floor for men.  Although there is a small office and storage space, most of the storage is integrated into the millwork and furniture throughout the store.
The final result is a combination of simplified classic millwork, colours and material identity of Steven Alan and antique furniture and lighting elements.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Boston, MA, US
My Role: Site measurements, Design, Model making, 3D Visualizations, Client meetings, Construction / Millwork drawings, Submission
Additional Credits: studioMDA