Francisco García

Francisco García

New York, NY, US


Let me read you

The Polytechnic University of Valencia makes a call for a competition to develop a reading pavilion in one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in the city, Viveros Gardens.

In a team of three students we analyzed the circulation routes and we decided to place the pavilion in the intersection of the two main flows. Our proposal is a covered square, which gives access to three volumes, these are: 7 reading rooms for individuals or small groups, 2 reading rooms for big groups and a core with storage, offices and restroom.
One of the main targets was to develop an efficient lighting system, able to work with as much natural light as possible. We proposed a big skylight for each room, vertically orientated, which indirectly drives the light to the interior, creating a diffused lighting, perfect for reading.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Jardines de Viveros, Valencia (SPAIN)
My Role: Research, Project Design, Lighting design, Presentation board
Additional Credits: Gal·la Otero
Lluis Juan