Francisco García

Francisco García

New York, NY, US



The subject for this project wasn't really defined. Students must fin a neighborhood in the city of Valencia where we though was necessary intervene.

My colleges and I chosen "Russafa", a multicultural area forgotten by the City hall and fully absent of green and public spaces for the inhabitants. We found in their streets many vacant lots from years and we decided work on them.

The main idea of the proposal is to give public use to those spaces by the time there is no project on them. The City hall must adapt them using mobile elements such as planters, playgrounds, benches...

The project were very well received by the resident, they even asked us about take somo of the urban furniture that we we designed.

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Status: School Project
Location: Russafa, Valencia (SPAIN)
Additional Credits: Pablo Martínez Lucas
Daphne Mira Bontenbal
Imma Martínez Sanchis