Alex Whitehead

Alex Whitehead

Los Angeles, CA, US


POWERTOWN_developing a model township development

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: this project focuses on the ways pre-fabrication and material studies can and will impact the future of low income and poverty stricken communities around the world.


GOALs: The theory behind the process is to use an existing community as a model for which future communities could be developed in more socially and economically sustainable ways. Using pre-fabrication as a means to produce physical structures as well as fundamental training in building construction methods to the surrounding community. The resulting community design would largely depend on the decisions and direct support of the individuals living within the development who will ultimately be active members in the entire process.


SITE: The chosen site is just outside Mossel Bay, South Africa. Surrounding an abandoned power station building, an informal settlement of coulored laborers has sprung up in recent years. This thesis examines this complex culture and site constraints to develop a model township development for other communities to consider as a plausible means of socially and physically uplifting their living environments.



·         renovation and retrofit of existing power station for fabrication plant

·         community center

·         health clinic

·         100 +/- housing units

·         transportation hub

·         trading center

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Status: School Project
Location: Mossel Bay, ZA

Prototype_module @ Mid-Term
Site Plan
Existing Factory-->Fabrication Plant
Glu-Lam--> Structural Ribs
Community Empowerment Diagram
From POWERTOWN to beyond...
Housing Prototype 1
Module Components
Cladding Option
Cladding Option
Bolted Connection Detail
Grey Water Drip System
Final Perspective
Final Perspective
Final Perspective
Final Perspective
Module Interior
Module Interior
Prototype 2 @ 1
Prototype 2 @ 1" = 1'
Site @ 1
Site @ 1" = 15m
All posted up and ready to go!
All posted up and ready to go!