Juan Dario Ortiz, LEED AP BD+C

Juan Dario Ortiz, LEED AP BD+C

New York, NY, US


School of Environmental Studies, NYC

The ideal school of the future was a project assigned in 1988.  The location I picked was in upper Manhattan adjacent to Inwood Park.  At the time, the city did not take care of the location too well and trash was all over.  The area looked worn out and forgotten.  My suggestion was to put the "School of Environmental Studies" on the forgotten site so the students and people of the neighborhood could see the difference that could be done if we cared.  Inwood Park would serve as the location that was exposed to the environment.  The area immediately around the school would be studied and taken care of by the students and people in the neighborhood.  The school's main entrance would have an atrium, with vegitation in a controlled environment for the students to study and care for.  Every day the students would have to enter the atrium and cross the bridge to enter school.  At the rear of the school, there would be a dock with posts spreading out into a bay to be able to study the aquatic ecological system.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US