Beata Czyszkiewicz

Beata Czyszkiewicz

Staten Island, NY



This senior housing project focuses on incorporating a new alumni residence complex into the naturally beautiful campus at Haverford College.  The intention is to embrace campus-style living, encouraging the use of outdoor space for resident and student activities.  The design aims to
assimilate a new development into a layout of existing structures, to incorporate a residential complex  into the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to respond to the climate and environment for which it is intended. 

The one and two-bedroom units are designed for maximum sunlight and natural ventilation, with
covered walkways instead of interior corridors connecting the units.  These walkways turn into
covered outdoor areas and lead to peripheral open gathering sites to accommodate the requirements for year-round meeting spaces.  The alternating, irregular stacking system of the units allows for covered balconies for each resident, while being an integral part of the shading scheme for the building. The simple roof is adjusted, extended, and turned down at necessary intervals to shade the building most effectively.  The entire scheme focuses on assimilating the structure into its surroundings, and integrating the new residents into the developed traditions of campus life.

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Status: School Project
Location: Haverford College Campus, Haverford, PA