Beata Czyszkiewicz

Beata Czyszkiewicz

Staten Island, NY



The center for alternative therapy links architecture and the senses of the human body.  Instead of analyzing the experience within a designed space, this project focuses on conceiving and designing in order to stimulate the senses. 
The intent of this project was to create an interior/exterior space in which the human body and mind can be treated and nurtured, rehabilitated and sustained.  It is to be an escape from everyday life into a calm, serene environment, without feeling enclosed in a solid structure or fully manipulated setting.  The program includes therapy rooms, water amenities, recovery and reflection zones, client facilities, and staff vicinities.  The structured elements are woven through an interior garden which not only spans most of the ground floor but is carried through the second and third levels of the glass enclosed structure.  The idea of a “natural,” interior environment was not to be disturbed by weighty exterior walls or roof, but led to the creation of a glazed wall assembly separating the interior and exterior environments, and the hyperbolic geometry of the roof assembly.  Exterior shading devices were incorporated into the design, enhancing each elevation of the building. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US