Beata Czyszkiewicz

Beata Czyszkiewicz

Staten Island, NY



A project driven by technical aspects, limited by material availability, and confined by prerequisites can easily be dismissed as a sort of non-design assignment.  Fortunately working with Lawrence D McEwen, a comprehensive scheme for this structure was developed, one which followed the restrictions and specifics demanded by the client, one which responded to all of the structural and mechanical features required by the engineers, while being visually affective and inventive.

The main hall of the building was driven by the required generators and the optimal spacing for housing such equipment.  The maintenance of this power house depended on a full-width crane in the main hall, a large scale ventilation system, and access to all of these mechanics.  All of these conditions were encompassed within the designed building.  The elevations were enhanced by the large-scale ventilation fans and loading doors, the section driven by the height requirements of the crane and catwalk.  An insulated metal panel system for the roof and walls was adapted and developed for ease of installation, compensating for limited experience with such systems (in the location of the proposed building).  Thorough coordination between engineers and architect led to the cohesive design; an architectural design reflecting industrial needs while maintain its intended aesthetic. 

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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Completed construction documents and 3-D model. Led the design team to provide a comprehensive construction set, including full product details, calculations, and specifications relevant to the location.
Additional Credits: Lawrence D McEwen; Principal Architect
Mechanical & Structural Engineering Outsorced