sean slater

sean slater

Atlanta, GA, US


Piedmont + Peachtree

PEACHTREE AT PIEDMONT                                         Client:  Coro Development
Program:  An urban infill and redevelopment masterplan for an existing, underutilized portion of the most important intersection of the Buckhead mini-city of Atlanta.  Mixed Use towers with 250,000 square feet of convention space, boutique hotel, condominium, rental units, retail and signature convention hotel combine to create a perfect synergy for the next phase of growth.
• 14 story  signature corporate office  tower  (273,000 square feet) with sky lobby
• Condominium Tower (40 stories, 320 units with shared amenities)
• Convention Center Hotel  / Spa with direct access to meeting and convention space.  Shared amenities with Condominium
• Convention center and retail winter garden / ceremonial gardens at street level
• Boutique Hotel (120 room) with signature skybar and direct access to Convention Center
• 17 story signature corporate office tower

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Status: Demolished
Location: Buckhead, Atlanta, GA US