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sean slater

Atlanta, GA, US


Fireman's Park

FIREMAN’S PARK                                      Client:  McAllen Parks and Recreation
Program:  And extensive redesign of the central park for McAllen including a new recreational lake, and Environmental Outreach Center, new vending, kitchen, picnic and restroom facilities.
Included in the scope was a substantial renovation of an existing water treatment plant into a viable space for future event spaces, amphitheater, restaurant and office.
Smart Design Elements:
• Revamp the existing facilities to create revenue for the city by enlarging and enhancing the rental pavilion and kitchen areas
• Integrate a historic water treatment and pump station crucial to the development of the Rio Grande Valley into a viable mixed use building as well as create vital public spaces.
• Greenscreen signage wall
• Reused water storage tank for classroom
• Clerestory and butterfly cistern roof
• Amphitheater and roof garden,
• Viewing lawn, screen and open-air event and arts center. 
• New parking court with bioswales and pervious paving.

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Status: Built
Location: McAllen, TX, US