sean slater

sean slater

Atlanta, GA, US


North Point Mall Food Court

NORTH POINT FOOD COURT RENOVATION  Client:  General Growth Properties
Program:  Total renovation of a dated Food Court in an otherwise very successful mall in strong demographic position. Strengthen the customer loyalty through introducing an up-scale, “spa” interior design scheme.  To enhance the visibility from the common mall and upgrade the tenant storefronts to bring a contemporary warm feel with natural materials and sustainable concepts.
• Discrete seating “pods” containing lifestyle options
• 3-form cantilevered seating bars for individuals and business people with laptop connections
• Soft seating on ceramic tile “rugs”
• Banquette seating and planters
• Versatile 2 and 4-top tables
• Recycled wood flooring used on vertical surfaces
• New signage for tenants
• Massive signature lighting fixtures to reduce scale of soaring space and create intimacy

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Status: Built
Location: Alpharetta, GA, US