Kostika Spaho

Kostika Spaho

Portland, OR, US



This design proposal underlines transit oriented development for the King’s Highway site in the city of New Bedford. Such development seeks to provide an efficient connection between the site and the outer city, simplifying the circulation within the site, and creating pedestrian dominant spaces without sacrificing the comfort that our vehicles provide. In order to build the most important elements on the site, occupy the least feasible geometric space and allow for the most effective phasing plan, I positioned the train station along with the adjacent structure parking and the retail building in the northern part of the site. A central park plaza links the three buildings and emphasizes the main gathering space of arrival and departure. Finally the dynamic shape that structures the actual train station then carries on this gesture.
South of the train station, a larger mall and office building with a health center at its tail, receives modifications in order to give birth to the main street. Two minor streets result from arranging other buildings on the western part, and creating discrete parking on the backside of these buildings while maintaining a close distance from the entrances of those edifices on the other side of the major street. The existing movie theatre remains on the site to bring closure to the overall development and serve as the last entertaining peace. West of the theatre, housing apartments lightly disturb the wild green space, and leave the rest of the area open for future growth.
This particular transit oriented development plan suggests a way of composing spaces within the given site, to provide a number of satisfying results.
Developed spaces declare a simple way of welcoming visitors within the site and at the same time clarify their departure. The hierarchies between the masses and their plazas form the streets, which assist in navigating the pedestrians and their vehicles harmoniously.

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Status: School Project
Location: New Bedford, MA, US