Kostika Spaho

Kostika Spaho

Portland, OR, US



This is a project from a digital manufacturing course, which was accomplished by a group of four students. One team member and I came up with the design idea, but we split the work as follows: I built 3D models of the green wall system and prepared the 2D files for fabrication through the Rhino software. Another team-member built a 3D model of the site and the build- ing of which the green wall would be mounted to (also using Rhino). A third person researched plants, worked out the pricing and permits. The fourth student imported the 3D models into the Maya software, applied textures and plants, and prepared two animations. Finally, as a group we mounted a small portion at a one to one scale and presented the project in front of several city officials, including the Mayor of Providence, Angel Taveras.
The building that holds the green wall serves partially as a public parking garage in downtown Pawtucket. Our design’s intent focuses on studies that deal with redirecting the water accumula- tion of the roof, while enriching the skin of the upper structure.

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Status: Built
Location: Pawtucket, RI, US